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8,25 €

Its spoon shape is ideal to remove earwax visible at the entrance to the ear. Can save thousands of disposable cotton swabs.

3,25 €

The essential tool to push back the cuticles and take care of your nails. Made of birch wood, they are very resistant and reusable.

4,92 €

The glass file allows you to shorten, file and shape nails with precision, preventing them from splitting thanks to its fine grain. Made of frosted glass, it is reusable and saves thousands of disposable nail files.

10,83 €

Storing your hairbrush in your toiletry bag has never been easier with this pouch. Sliding tie closure on the front. Screen-printed by hand with non-polluting ink in the workshop of Marie the pirate of Picardy. Infinitely reusable and machine washable.

49,17 €

The "Journey to Italy" set gathers all the beauty essentials to bring with you on weekends or  holidays: +  An almond green toiletry bag from our collaboration with Les Pensionnaires +  A Nylon and Boar hairbrush small size +  A powder brush +  A set of 2 reusable makeup remover pads +  A tweezer +  A nail clipper

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