Pinceau à paupières biseauté

Angled shader brush


Perfect for the application and blending of powder and cream eye shadow.

Its angled shaped tip suits the natural contour of your eye and is perfect to shade behind the eyelid crease and on the eyebrow arch.

Natural wooden handle.

Synthetic fibres - Vegan - Cruelty free

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Cleaning tips 

Wet the bristles in lukewarm water and place a drop of gentle shampoo into the palm of your hand. Gently rub the tips of the bristles in your hand with small circular motions and rinse. Repeat until the brush disgorges clear water. Gently squeeze out the excess moisture with your fingers, while avoid pulling on the hair. Lay out on a small towel. Do not dry head up.


Data sheet

Synthétique - Taklon
16x1,5 cm
16x1,5 cm
Beech Wood

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