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Strength and shine ritual


An exclusive partnership with the very pretty brand Les Huilettes, to offer you the Essentials for your hair.

This offer contains:

- mon Huilette Hair, the serum you need to nourish and revitalize your hair. A synergy of vegetable and essential oils, combined with a complex of active ingredients that stimulates growth, boosts hair density and thickness. To use before shampooing in cure or after to nourish the damaged ends.

- our natural wood brush, ideal for gently detangling both dry and wet hair. The nylon spikes, thanks to their flexibility, disentangle the hair without pain. The protective balls associated with the pneumatic cushion avoid attacking the scalp and massage gently. Specially designed for thick, curly or quickly regreasing hair. Ultra resistant handle in real beech.

- our Emma round hair clip. Minimalist and elegant, this geometric round barrette dresses the simplest hairstyles. It is perfect for holding a few strands or a half-tail depending on the type of hair.

- our pretty 100% cotton pouch, the essential accessory to protect your brush in your bag or your toiletry bag.

An exclusive offer at the price of 59 € (instead of 75.90 €).

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