Which brushes to use for an even and radiant complexion?

Posted By: Camille Debascher

Successful makeup involves the use of quality brushes. But how do you find your way around, which ones to buy? Here is a selection of brushes to have for top makeup.


The foundation brush

An essential to have to apply your liquid foundation. It is also often used by professionals because it is more precise and allows the product to be dosed better. A flat brush is ideal, it will allow you to reach all areas of your face. You can place a dab of foundation on the back of your hand and then take it with your brush. This will allow you to apply the right amount of foundation for a light and natural effect. Remember to always clean your brush well after each use.

Powder brush and Kabuki brush


To apply your powder, you don't have to choose to use an accessory. You can opt for a classic powder brush or Kabuki. We explain to you:


The classic brush will allow you to illuminate your complexion for natural makeup. All you need to do is take a little powder, tap the top of your hand to remove the excess and apply to your face starting with the T zone and ending with the contour of the face.


The Kabuki brush will dose the necessary amount of powder with a little more precision, thanks to its flexible nylon bristles and its circular round shape, it reaches all areas of your face without difficulty. It allows for a perfect even complexion. In addition, its small size will allow you to take it everywhere with you.

The blush brush


The blush brush will allow you to give the final touch to your make-up. It will enhance and curl your cheeks or on the contrary hollow them out depending on the desired result. Just take a little blush from the tip of the brush and apply it directly to your cheeks. Blend as much as needed, stretching towards the temples. It will instantly give you a healthy glow.


The duo brush

A 2 in 1 for optimal efficiency. Ideal for applying all types of textures: powder, liquid or cream Its white fibers, longer, allow the product to be applied, while its unbleached, shorter fibers blur the material for a zero-defect result. two fibers provide very light coverage.


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