Which brush is right for your little ones?

Posted By: Camille Debascher

The hairbrush is an essential hairstyling accessory from birth. Baby, child, find out which model to choose according to their age.


Our baby brush

This brush is ideal for babies from 3 months. The 100% wild boar bristles, both very supple and very dense, allow you to brush your little angel's hair gently without irritating his still fragile skin. However, boar hair is quite rigid and is not recommended from birth but is ideal for disentangling and shining the first hair. The beech wood handle offers a good grip, pleasant to the touch. Composed of natural materials, this brush will provide excellent care for your child's first hair. The brush can be used for up to 2 or 3 years depending on the hair volume. Durable and ecological, this brush is a great idea for a birth gift that respects baby's well-being.


Our nylons brush

This is the ideal brush for gently detangling your children's fine hair. You can use this brush from 2 years old. Untangling your children's hair is not always fun and the mere sight of the brush may be enough to make some cry. That’s why we’ve designed a brush that is perfectly suited to their hair type. Its flexible spikes allow you to untangle dry as well as wet hair without pulling and without hurting. It will revolutionize your life as parents!


Our nylon boar spike brush

The perfect brush for children from 6 years old. Its stiffer pimples perfectly disentangle and smooth hair for gentle detangling. An accessory perfectly adapted to the small size of the hands of our little angels. The size of the handle is ideal for a good grip of children who can then become independent and comb their hair easily. Our brushes are made of beech, a noble and resistant material, and are made to last over time.


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