The 5 mistakes to avoid with your hair

Posted By: Camille Debascher

Bad habits, bad accessories, inappropriate care ... It is not always easy to take care of your hair. Certain actions that we perform on a daily basis can indeed end up damaging them, instead of sublimating them. Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid to preserve the beauty and health of your hair.


1.To wash your hair too much or not enough


The amount of sebum that is secreted must be balanced. Shampooing too often will eventually dry out your hair and can also irritate and itch your scalp. Conversely, if you do not wash your hair often enough, the hair fiber may suffocate and thus create more hair loss. Ideally, shampoos are 2 days apart for oily hair and 3 days apart for normal to dry hair.


2.Brush your hair when it is wet


After washing our hair, we tend to want to brush it and yet this is a mistake. Wet hair is much more fragile and easily breakable, so brushing it out of the shower is not recommended. However, you can use a special boar bristle brush or a wooden comb for gentle detangling. Also avoid rubbing them with a towel, it is better to wipe them gently. And remember not to sleep with wet hair, it causes irritation, dandruff and eczema.


3.Use the wrong hair care

It is important to adopt the right care, quality products and adapted to the nature of your hair. The use of improper care can cause many hair problems such as brittle hair, split ends, oily roots, and itchy and itchy scalp. Also be careful not to use them too often: no more than once or twice a week. Nourishing oils should also be used sparingly. Tip: Apply only a few drops to the palms of your hands and spread the oil only on the tips, avoid the roots.

4.Do not wash your brush

This is an essential gesture for good hair hygiene. Your hairdressing accessories are real germ nests, brushes like combs. A lot of dirt accumulates there, they often contain impurities and the remains of hair products. By detangling your hair with a poorly maintained brush, it will grease faster and you will automatically make it dirty. Hence the importance of washing your brushes. We advise you to wash them every two or three weeks with a mild shampoo and to remove the strands of hair after each use.


5.Use a lot of heat devices

Drying at maximum temperature may damage the hair fiber and cause split ends. Remember to use a hair dryer that you can adjust and put it on the minimum temperature so as not to damage your hair. Also, it is recommended to hold the hair dryer about 8 inches from your head. Limit the use of the straightener or looper as much as possible and choose good quality accessories.


Now you have no more excuses for not taking care of your hair!


Why brush your hair regularly?

Brushing is a daily gesture of which we tend to underestimate the benefits that it brings for both our hair and our scalp. Discover all the benefits of regular brushing.



Stimulates blood circulation


Brushing morning and evening will stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and thus soften it. This blood flow is essential to provide the roots with all the nutrients necessary for hair growth. You can also take the time to massage your scalp for a few minutes upside down. Move your scalp from the base of the skull to the top and repeat the gesture several times. This practice will help detoxify the scalp by ridding it of dead cells.


Promotes hair growth


By stimulating your blood circulation through brushing, you promote the growth of your hair. In addition, brushing will distribute the sebum on your hair and thus protect it from external aggressions, this will give them a much brighter appearance. They will therefore be healthier and deteriorate less quickly.


Removes impurities

It is important to brush your hair well at least twice a day. This will allow you to remove all the impurities accumulated during the day: pollution, dust, dead cells ... To do this, equip yourself with a quality brush that will gently disentangle your hair. Choose a boar bristle brush that will not break your hair and make it much shinier.


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