Take care of your hair at night

Posted By: Camille Debascher

While we sleep our hair is not immune to damage. Repetitive rubbing on the pillow as well as a few bad habits like going to bed with wet hair can break our hair fiber and make our hair dry and brittle. Here are some things you can do to prevent this from happening:


·        Brush your hair every night. Detangling your hair before bed not only help removing tangles but also distributes the sebum along your lengths and get rid of the impurities accumulated during the day. An action that will strengthen them and make them brighter. For fine, dry hair we recommend using a nylon / boar bristle brush. For thick hair or hair that grows quickly, we recommend that you use a nylon bristle brush.


·        Place a few drops of vegetable oil on your lengths before going to bed. This will allow you to have softer, healthier hair. You can use "Mon Huilette Hair", the serum you need to nourish and revitalize your hair. You can also take a few minutes to massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow. A very beneficial action to accelerate hair growth and make it thicker.


·        Make a protective hairstyle which will be very beneficial to protect your lengths. Before going to bed, make a flexible braid. Remember not to tighten the locks too much to let the hair breathe and then tie with a ribbon or scrunchie rather than with an elastic. You can also make a soft bun very high, on the top of your head.


·        Do you know the Kardoune? It is a very long hand-woven silk fiber ribbon that comes from the Maghreb. Its function is to protect the hair during the night and allows them to stay well hydrated. It is also known to smooth the hair naturally. To use it, you just need to make a low ponytail and wrap the ribbon all around so that it covers your entire length and then ends in a knot.


·        Last little tip, think about your pillowcase. Yes, the latter can be harmful for your beautiful hair. Most of the time, our pillowcases are made of cotton, a fiber that will absorb the moisture and sebum naturally present on our scalp. In addition, the hair will tangle much more easily on this type of material, the perfect combination to damage your hair quickly. So to remedy this, we prefer a silk or satin pillowcase. These fabrics do not absorb the water present in our hair and their smooth material allows the hair to glide smoothly without tangling.


By applying all these tips, your hair will be well protected during your sleep and will keep all its shine.


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