A complete range of accessories to take care of your hands and nails on a daily basis. For a simple daily touch-up or for nail addicts, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Nail clippers, reusable glass file, cuticle sticks, scissors… find all the essentials to take everywhere with you to be beautiful to the tips of your nails!
Each product has been delicately worked and meticulously redesigned to offer a simple, refined and ever more eco-responsible range.
Remember to always prepare your nails well before applying varnish to optimize the result and hold. For an always perfect manicure, adopt our manicure set which includes all the essentials.

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Manicure Set

Price €17.50
The new manicure set includes the 4 essential tools for a perfect manicure : +  a nail clipper +   a tweezer +   2 wooden cuticle...

Glass Nail File

Price €4.92
The glass file allows you to shorten, file and shape nails with precision, preventing them from splitting thanks to its fine grain. Made of...

Cuticle sticks x6

Price €3.25
The essential tool to push back the cuticles and take care of your nails. Made of birch wood, they are very resistant and reusable.


Price €7.08
The Bachca tweezer allows you grab even the smallest brow hairs fast and precise thanks to its custom-slanted top. Made of stainless steel, the...

Nail clipper

Price €7.08
The Bachca nail clipper securely allows a clean and precise cut of the nails for both the hands and feet.

Nail scissors

Price €11.58
The Bachca nail scissors securely allow a clean and precise cut of the nails for both the hands and feet. Made of stainless steel, the...

Baby Scissors

Price €11.58
The Bachca baby nail scissors allows a safe and precise delicate cut thanks to their curved blades and rounded tops. Made of stainless...

small Emery Boards X4

Price €4.58
The Bachca nail files have a double sided grid for perfectly shaped and smooth nails: use the golden side with rougher grains for shaping and the...