The new beauty accessories line

BACHCA, the first exclusive collection of make-up and hair brushes designed in France, innovative and with affordable prices.

The products are understated, made of high quality materials and pure lines. Bachca combines simplicity of the shapes and authenticity with technical innovation.

Raw wood, soft colors and mineral shapes give the range natural and authentic look. Combined with the name Bachca, this range is a real journey in the Russian Toundra, in the deep North... where the land authenticity has been protected.

Made of beech wood, very resistant and non polluting material, BACHCA accessories stand the test of time.

Because the beauty of each woman is unique, BACHCA brushes are carefully hand shaped in the best factories.

A know-how

  Camille de Bascher, fouder of Bachca :

« Afer more than 11 years spent designing beauty accessories for mass market distribution, I wanted to launch a new brand, more confidential, which corresponds to my own consumer expectations: have beautiful items in my bathroom with quality and affordable price.
I wanted to take advantage of my years of experience to develop a different brand to change radically this item category. »

An exlusive design

 Céline Charroy, designer :

« The organic theme of BACHCA has been the origin of the design. The simplicity of the image and the purity of the material brought me through organic, soft shapes for easy items with a strong affective dimension. These brushes, polished like pebbles talk about nature and authenticity, with simplicity but chic! »